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We hope your family is getting ready for summer and all the fun it brings.

1. Nursery (Ages birth - 3 years) - Nursery will continue to be offered during the 9:00 AM service and the 10:45 AM service.  When our kiddos turn 4 years old, they will start the transition to Bridge Kids!  "I'm a big kid now..."

2. Bridge Kids (ages 4 - 11) - Bridge Kids will only be offered during the 10:45 AM service starting June 5th. That is when we will transition to a "family service" time. There will be no kids church during the 9:00AM service. When our kids go into 6th grade and/or tweens turn 12 years old, it is a big, exciting step - a "coming of age." This is when they will start attending church service with you! They will also have the opportunity to be a volunteer for kids' church on a rotational basis if they'd like, and they will be scheduled in advance through George. This can help with that transition out of kids' church. It will also allow them to develop leadership skills and help with the flow of kids' service. If your 6th grader or 12-year-old is interested in being a volunteer, please talk with George & Cheryl! They would be happy to go over the details of what volunteering will look like for him/her.

3. Brave Youth (ages 12 - 18 or 6th - 12th grades) - Brave Youth will continue to meet on Sunday evenings at 5:30PM. For those who are 6th graders but not yet 12, please have a conversation with Pastor Harley & George to see if youth group is the right fit for your pre-tween, or if they should wait until they're 12. The transition from Bridge Kids to Youth group happens at the beginning of the school year (August) - this year the celebration of "graduation" will be Sunday, August 7, during the morning service. The transition from Brave Youth to Hype Young Adults takes place in August/September - this year that will happen September (TBD) .

4. Hype Young Adults (those who've graduated high school - 24 years old) - Hype will resume meeting in September. Pastor Harley & Robyn are leading this ministry. Reach out to them for details on all they'll be doing.

If you would like to volunteer with any of the student ministries, please come to us and let us know. We'd love to have your support in time & talents.

Also, save the dates now for a Kids Krusade happening September 25-28!! You'll get all the details over the summer, but we wanted to make sure you put this on your calendars!